Prosperity Crossing Breast Center

Client: Charlotte Radiology

Project Location: Charlotte, NC

Scale: 1,595sf

Working directly with the Owner, HGA developed several schematic plans to help define the maximum area needed for Charlotte Radiology’s new screening center in North Charlotte. Space plans were based on patient flow, comfort, and efficiency. The team worked directly with medical equipment vendors to ensure proper clearances and other code requirements did not impede the function or feel of the space. Once radiology equipment was confirmed, the project was fully designed using Building Information Modeling to coordinate all items from lighting and plumbing to finishes and furniture.

As the construction documents progressed for permitting and other approvals, 3D images were created for the Owner to better visualize the layout, equipment, and finishes. These included wallcovering, trim, flooring, furniture fabric, light fixtures, casework, and even artwork to help the Owner finalize decisions concerning the Interior Design.

HGA monitored the permit process closely to ensure that no time was wasted during review and approval processes. With a very good and longstanding relationship with the Owner’s contractor, the team worked to expedite shop drawings, acted as liaison between Owner/ GC and other team members, and performed immediate site visits for optimal efficiency. HGA coordinated delivery and installation of the furniture, blinds, artwork, and other display and marketing items making sure that the aesthetics desired by the Owner carried through to a sense of well-being for the patients.